Adam Lambert grows up with new album The Original High

June 13, 2015 · By

Three years after his last studio album Adam Lambert has released his latest collection, The Original High. The 11-song album still features Lamberts strong defiant rock vocals familiar to his fans, however the sound is beginning to be more pure with his previous work now seeming over-produced. But it’s his image that’s changed most with this new album; the glam has been dropped in favor of a grownup brooding mainstream appearance complete with more natural skin and the 5 o’clock shadow.

The Original High is definitely less pop and more rock, showing that Lambert’s sound is evolving as he gets older. After taking a break to fill in for Freddie Mercury on recent Queen reunion appearances (67 sold out performances), and a short stint on Glee, all of which kept Lambert in the spotlight, Adam is now focused on his new work. While Lambert came second in American Idol, by a slim margin, he’s succeeded and made a bigger name for himself over that years’ winner Kris Allen.


While we’re not big fans of this new facial hair and less-glam neo-gothic look, there are aspects of Adam’s new rocker image that we do approve of, including his penchant for leather trousers. You can check out his new album The Original High on iTunes.