LGBTQ movies on Netflix 2022

Netflix has a pretty wide selection of movies and tv shows, enough to keep you watching for hours at a time (or endlessly scrolling through recommendations looking for something to watch!). Maybe you’re just looking for a fun film to watch or for some Netflix-and-chill time, either way if you happen to be looking for an LGBT+ movie, Netflix has a few things you can stream. There aren’t a lot of LGBT+ films on Netflix (and this varies by country), but here is the current near-complete list!

Since Netflix is always refreshing their catalog of films, the list of available LGBT+ films you can stream is always changing so we keep this list of films up-to-date. Netflix is of course great for filming something to watch, and if you’re already paying the monthly subscription, the more movies you watch, the better a deal it is!

TitleLength YearView on

Alaska Is a Drag

83 mins 2017

Alex Strangelove

Drama, Comedy,
99 mins 2018

All in My Family

39 mins 2019


Comedy, Drama
TV 38 episodes 2017

Boy Erased

115 mins 2018

Circus of Books

History, Documentary,
92 mins 2019

Dancing Queens

Drama, Comedy,
110 mins 2021

Edge of Seventeen

Romance, Drama, Comedy
104 mins 1998


Drama, Mystery, Crime,
TV episodes

Funny Boy

109 mins 2020


105 mins 2018

Handsome Devil

95 mins 2017


Comedy, Drama
TV episodes 2022

I Am Michael

98 mins 2015


Romance, Drama,
90 mins 2016

Michael Lost and Found

19 mins 2017


Romance, Drama,
85 mins 2020

Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List

Comedy, Romance,
89 mins 2015

Never Have I Ever

TV 30 episodes 2020

Other People

Comedy, Drama,
97 mins 2016

Pray Away

101 mins 2021

Sex Education

Drama, Comedy
TV 24 episodes 2019

Straight Up

Romance, Comedy,
97 mins 2019

The Boys in the Band

121 mins 2020

The Danish Girl

119 mins 2015

The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

105 mins 2017

The Half of It

Romance, Comedy,
104 mins 2020

The Prom

Romance, Music, Comedy,
132 mins 2020

The Third Party

Romance, Comedy,
118 mins 2016

To Each, Her Own

Romance, Comedy,
95 mins 2018

What Keeps You Alive

Horror, Thriller,
99 mins 2018

Who Would You Take to a Deserted Island?

Drama, Comedy,
90 mins 2019

Young Royals

TV 6 episodes 2021