CW’s Legacies finally gets a gay couple

April 28, 2022 · By

Four seasons in and the Vampire Diaries spin-off will soon have a gay couple when series regular Ben Levin meets Zane Philips.

Ben plays Jed, a werewolf at the Salvatore School, a recurring character since first season. Zed was the alpha male pack leader, and a bully to many of the main characters. Zane Philips joined the show recently as Prometheus, a 5000-year-old demigod. And Ben came with some baggage, and sharing his story with Zed bringing them closer.

Much like the Vampire Diaries, and its first spin-off The Originals, the producers hinted often that they would add gay characters. In an interview with The Observer, executive producers Julie Plec and Brett Matthews said they have wanted to add a same-sex romance between two male characters to the show for some time.

Until now there have only been female characters who were bisexual, pansexual or lesbian. In fact, Hope Mikaelson, the lead character is bisexual, while Josie Saltzman has been pansexual. Ben entered the picture as the first gay character, and he seems to have turned Zed’s head.

When casting about for a romantic interest for Ben, Ben Levin, who plays Jed Tien, came to producers and expressed his willingness to play a queer character to honour several of his queer family members.

Zane Philips is an opening gay actor who will be appearing in the upcoming Fire Island film.

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